Please note that, further to my reviewing this course, information has come to my attention which means that under no circumstances can I personally endorse or recommend any investment or significant business transaction with Glenn Armstrong or any of his firms, partners or associates.  This does not alter my opinion of the course content.

I’ve heard it said that ‘Below Market Value’ is the new black.  It’s the new bandwagon that everyone’s jumping on.  There are many different gurus, all teaching this new mantra.  Each of the firms has got a different take.  I wanted to find out Glenn’s style. I used my blagging skills to get on his training course to see what he does and how he does it.

When you meet Glenn Armstrong, the first thing that strikes you about him is what an ordinary and inoffensive looking chap he is.  He’s about 5 foot nothing and a half tall, and from his style of speech and personal approach you wouldn’t think he was a property whiz-kid.  But then again you wouldn’t think that he was a former martial arts expert either.  He’s definitely a man of surprises.   I’d initially come across him at Lisa Orme’s ‘flipping property conference’.  There, he introduced the strategies that he follows.  This is typical Glenn – he’s very open with his secrets.  I’d also previously met him at Vanish Patel’s Property Networking Club, which is where he invited me to review his course.  I was interested in what he was doing, because it’s very similar to my own strategy of buying properties below market value and then either renting or selling as the market dictates.  It’s interesting to see somebody teach their own particular version of the methods I use.  Obviously, it’s also of massive interest to me because it gives me a chance to fine-tune a strategy that I am using on a day-to-day basis.  Glenn’s approach to training is at one end of the spectrum.  He teaches an exact system.  This course is not a general introduction to property.  It’s not a mentoring program that would enable you to try and find the right way for you personally to invest.  It’s a specific training strategy, to teach you to invest like he does.  And it does what it says on the tin.

Personally, I can’t understand why Glenn does this.  As far as I can see, he’s training up a whole bunch of competitors.  I’ve spoken to him about this and he said he has indeed noticed a drop off in his business.  He says he is earning quite reasonable money out of training people, but my thinking is that he’s only got to lose one deal to someone he’s trained up and he’s lost a lot of that training profit.

Glenn’s strategy is about using marketing methods to find motivated sellers in his immediate local area.  He works on a very personal basis with them, counseling them regardless of whether there’s a deal for him or not.  This is something I’ve noticed about a lot of people who deal at below market value – a lot of the personal satisfaction in the job comes not from making money but from helping people.  Many traders I know will talk themselves out of a deal if they can help the vendor another way.  Glenn comes across to me as being a very helpful and fair chap.  He’s not in a position where he needs to rip anybody off to make money and consequently, I think he takes a very helpful approach with vendors. In the long run, I think this might payoff handsomely for him because it gives him an approach and a demeanor that puts vendors at ease.  Apparently his cancellation rate is next to nothing, so he’s obviously doing something right.

The course is held at the Courtyard Marriott at Milton Keynes, just by M1 junction 14.  The hotel’s actually in Newport Pagnell, and I’m entitled to split hairs over this as I live in Newport myself.  Consequently, it wasn’t exactly arduous to make the trip down to his course – I could have run it in ten minutes, but I’m lazy and there’s no pavement so I drove.  Glenn lays on food throughout the day, which really improves the experience.  You get breakfast on arrival, and lunch.  There’s even elevenses!  I can’t pass up free food, even if I’m not hungry – so I ended up stuffing myself right up.  In other training courses they provide little or no food.  Such meanness doesn’t help to create a team spirit among the people who go there.  I think the food is something that Glenn’s definitely got right.

The style of teaching is very interactive and very informal.  This will work well for some people but not for others.  The face-to-face conversant style is very helpful when it comes to resolving people’s misunderstanding and queries.  It also gives you chance to practice and role-play in class.  People who are used to a more presentational style with copious and professionally produced notes might find the slightly ad hoc approach frustrating and possibly even unprofessional.  The course isn’t ‘slick’, but I think to criticize it on this basis would be missing the point.  It’s more tutorial than lecture.  Glenn’s teaching style may be informal, but his business model works and so does his training. I know this strategy works, as I follow it on a daily basis.  In some ways, we are direct competitors and I think it’s a great testament to Glenn’s magnanimous personality that he’s comfortable working with me. We’ve so many reasons to be rivals yet we frequently end up talking on the phone discussing strategies.  I think his character is one of the main selling points of his courses.  Of course, he has got a hard-nosed business structure but he treats people well and as far as I know from personal experience, he’s a thoroughly nice bloke.

A lot of other courses cover below market value deals.  But they don’t necessarily cover how to negotiate face to face.  I’ve come from a sales background, so it’s easy for me to negotiate over large amounts of money and stay calm.  But to many people, the actual act of sitting down in front of a vendor, talking to them about their problems and coming out with a solution is an alien concept.  Add the financial pressure of thousands of pounds of profit, and many people would be unable to cope without training like this.  So if you feel you understand the concept of below market value, but can’t actually make it work on a face-to-face basis, Glenn’s course may be very helpful for you.

The style and approach that he takes with vendors is slightly different to mine, but a lot of that is just because we’re different people.  Good training like this is easy to adapt to your personal style.  I am quite blunt as an individual – as people might have noticed from reading my articles!  Glenn is a lot more softy, softly and people person.  I don’t think either is right or wrong, it’s just the way we do it.  The opportunity to role-play and practice different styles in a friendly atmosphere is great.

Glenn offers the opportunity to take the day further by doing a mentoring program.  He makes quite a bit of money out of this; but it’s all focused on finding you deals rather than just trying to squeeze cash out of you!  A I understand it, his charging structure is based around the deals that people do – so if they weren’t successful, he wouldn’t be making much money!  I hear he’s now started a new venture in which people can take franchise-type territories.  This is similar to the way in which many of his major competitors operate.  I think this makes much more sense to him because he has an ongoing source of revenue from the people he trains up rather than just helping them to compete with his business.

Although Glenn is in many ways a direct competitor to me, we have managed to keep things really friendly – although if he’d stop advertising in the same papers as me I’d be grateful!  I can only say I wish him all the best for the future.  His course is an excellent hands-on program for this particular business strategy.  But if you are thinking about this course, you need to be aware that it only covers his specific style of trading, and it’s taught in a very informal way. It won’t be for everybody.  People shouldn’t go on the course thinking that this is the right strategy for everyone – it certainly isn’t! I know from doing it myself that it may require a significant injection of cash and lot of very hard work to make it succeed.

You can call Glenn on 07768 594 949