Eventbrite at Google HQ – what’s not to like? All three founders of the billion-dollar ticketing firm went to Google’s palatial London HQ on June 18th, and were grilled by members of the London tech community for a couple of hours. The views were immense, both out of the windows, and from the founders. This team is a seriously impressive bunch. Far more start-up than Forbes, they exuded passion for the product, and what it could do. They spoke frankly about their business and lifestyle, both from the stage and more generally on their UK trip.

It was the kind of from-the-heart event which people will take a variety of messages from, but for me, the key things I learned were…

Be humble – even if your firm is worth a billion, you can’t stop for a second. Julia in particular charmed with a combination of passion and humility. She’s clearly a woman with a talent for drawing people to cooperate on a vision, and was genuinely interested in the audience questions – often visibly excited at the chance to answer something which had caught her eye on the sli.do voting system. Furthermore, the whole team was quite happy to admit when successes came from fortune, not planning. Their largest ever event came as a complete surprise, when Eventbrite was used for a Latin-American public gathering.

Raise when you don’t need it – far from banging the drum for their vision to VCs, the Eventbrite team went out and made it happen. They chased customers, not capital – only raising when the brand had clear traction.

Listen – this wasn’t, strictly speaking, part of the event – but when I caught up with Julia and Kevin later, they were really keen to hear suggestions about the Eventbrite product. This was no pretence – they handed out their cards, and followed up quickly on suggestions by email. This clearly shows a genuine concern for users – and a real striving to do better, and to be better.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of wealthy and talented people talk. Eventbrite’s team impressed me like Buffet impressed me.

Further ‘Startup Grind’ events can be found on Meetup.com, or on Eventbrite at http://www.eventbrite.com/o/startup-grind-london-6310960637?s=26247683