I’ve been out for lunches that last for more than three hours.  I’ve been stuck in traffic for more than three hours.  Last Saturday, I learned just how you much you can fit into a single three-hour chunk of otherwise superfluous Saturday afternoon.

Thos who know me will be aware that I’m notorious for writing on my hand.  It’s not that I can’t afford paper, it’s just that I find anything I write on my hand actually gets done, whereas anything written on paper tends to just get stuffed in a pocket and forgotten.  Whenever I’m at a seminar, I write down business ideas, ‘to do’ and general notes for later use – all on my palm.  Typically, I’ll get through a palm every 3 hours of meeting.

Dwayne’s course was different.  In just three hours I got through both sides of one hand, writing up, down and every which way to fit the notes in.  I then ran out of space and got well past my wrist and up my arm.

Quite simply, this was the densest delivery of genuinely useful, useable, actionable information I can ever remember seeing at a seminar.  No ‘Rah!’, no hype, no BS.  Just stuff that you can go home and do without investing any significant money.  We’re not talking mess-about stuff.  These are serious, often proven, business strategies that work for anyone with or without an existing website, technical skills or knowledge.

The event was very small, with only approximately 15 delegates, and was done at a shocking promo price of only £20.  There was no upsell, just the chance to siphon off the knowledge from Dwayne’s brain without having to be pitched at.  Great speakers are all newbies once, and it is often the best time to catch them, when their knowledge is at a peak from ‘doing’ all the time, and they haven’t yet learned the processes of marketing themselves by ‘holding back’ and ‘upselling’.

The result was a seminar without frills, pitches, pomp or the high prices associated with this. It was just pure content.

Dwayne covered:

  • Using video to drive traffic to your site
  • Totally foolproof tools to set up a website
  • How to make a professional looking video for your brand using nothing but a few photos (and this is NOT MS Photostory or other such lameness)
  • Free alternatives to the most popular screen-capture video product on the market
  • How to massively boost your blog’s search engine ranking
  • Were to find great online training resources – free
  • How to distribute your video online across multiple sharing sites – free
  • How to use social networking and recommendations quickly and easily to boost your rankings and traffic.

All this stuff was right up my street.  Cheap and simple to implement, and highly effective at grabbing traffic and cash.

Audience participation was outstanding, too.  I heard an idea from the audience which was by my recollection the best idea I’d ever heard in a seminar from anyone other than the speaker.  In fact, it was so clever, I’m actually not going to share it with you.  You should have been there.

For me at the stage of development I’m at, this was the most practical, relevant and easy to use seminar I could imagine.  I tiny, minutely-priced 3 hour diamond containing far more content than many full day seminars.

Watch out for Dwayne Kerr.  He may be a newbie on the circuit, but his ideas are big, simple, effective and easy for mere mortals to put into practice.

Remember – you heard it here first.