Every industry has one. It’s the hub, the place where it happens. If you’re setting up a digital firm in the US, the valley is the obvious place. And London’s got its answer: Shoreditch. The large, ugly roundabout at Old St tube isn’t called ‘Silicon Roundabout’ for anything other than practical reasons. It’s the heart of the UK’s digital economy, and to a large extent the heart of Europe’s. Kinda handy for me, as I grew up about half an hour’s train ride away.

In celebration of the above, and to promote further awareness and investment, the ‘Digital Shoreditch’ event series was recently held. This was a week-long jamboree of digital, with everything from workshops to parties, art events to investment pitches. I attended just a fraction of what was on offer, and here’s what I discovered:

Silicon Roundabout at Techhub for me is pretty much the defining event not only of Digital Shoreditch, but also of the entire digital scene in East London. Techhub is run by the frenzy of activity that is Mike Butcher, also of TechCrunch Europe. This half-finished looking office space is right on Silicon Roundabout, and provides a microcosm of the entire Shoreditch experience within a single, haphazard office space. A virtual centrifuge, enriching the glowing nuclear material of innovation and entrepreneurship, the office space and club brings together a critical mass of talent and knowledge. This event brings together techhub residents, members and outsiders, who can all share news, ideas, pitches – and make friends and contacts. One of my current favourite events, it’s exactly where the start-up scene happens.

Digital Shoreditch at StartHub is another red letter day in my calendar. Built around a beauty parade of start-ups, the event is lubricated with free beer. I’ve made some good contacts here, and would recommend it to anyone looking to keep their finger on the pulse of the up-and-coming firms looking for deals and investment.

The week’s serous business finished with a day long summit, which aimed to bring together Digital Shoreditch. I personally was surprised by just how much of the activity in the area consisted not of cutting edge start-ups doing cool new tech, but rather of digital marketing agencies of various flavours. Sure, the gamified ad campaign for the new Range Rover was pretty cool, but quite frankly I’m not as fired up by the promotion of Olde-Worlde brands as I am by the creation of exciting new digital ones. Digital agencies, I love you very much – but it’s the start up scene where my heart truly lies. Nevertheless an interesting outing for agencies types, albeit one with a distinctly non start-up-friendly price.

If you’re interested in Digital Shoreditch, too late. But Shoreditch is still available. Tickets to Old Street are available from all good stations. Techhub hosts a variety of events, check out their website for news. London Silicon Roundabout is on meetup.com